Let's face it, you should be listening to Mark Watrous
I stumbled across Mark's music by beautiful serendipity. Mark became a touring member with The Raconteurs and soon joined my favourite musician Brendan Benson, on tour too, and that is when I saw him for his musical talent and grace with fans.

Mark's music is the good kind. The kind that pulls at your soul and eats away at you until you cannot get enough. Mark's music shouldn't be the kind that is unknown, it is the kind that you should shout from the rooftops. Banging your feet to 'Pull Your Train' and never giving up on your dreams while chanting 'Put It Down'.

With the few tracks that are available for us to listen to on Myspace and Reverbnation, it seems Mark manages to cover all feelings and emotions. As he so eloquently puts, "Though my voice is small, I will shout the name of it." And I will. I have made it my mission to bully as many people as I can into listening to his music until he's ready to tour (and beyond!) because once people hear and see his passion they will never be able to get enough. Trust me. You'll thank me for it ;)

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